The Impact of AWS

AWS IQ’s large talent pool, relationship with customers, comprehensive set of services, and global marketplace are what make them a necessary ingredient for business start-ups and growth.

Amazon has greatly expanded their presence in the cloud computing space with their latest service – AWS IQ. In September 2019, AWS IQ was introduced as a service that allows enables seamless connection, interaction, and billing between businesses and cloud-computing experts. Since then, it has not only proven to be a valuable resource for businesses of various sizes and in various stages, but also a valuable asset in Amazon’s portfolio.

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Merch Mockups for the PLL WaterDogs

What do you think about the WaterDogs name and logo? Do you like them? Do you not like them? Since the big reveal, I’ve been on the fence.

I decided to make merch mockups so that I as an artist can visually see and judge how appealing the WaterDogs concept is.

I extracted the logo I used from the image above, and used them in my mockup designs.

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The Journey To Liking Lacrosse… So Far (Encyclopedia Readings, Duke Lacrosse Case, Knowing A Lacrosse Player, Visiting Johns Hopkins)

In some old blog posts, I briefly mentioned my growing interest in lacrosse. After much thought, I decided to write this post to share with other lacrosse fans, sports fans, Native American geeks, and other curious minds out there. 😉

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Fun Facts About the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany

2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany!

Here are some fun facts about the event:

1. Nazi Germany used the games for propaganda purposes.

Hitler wanted to show the world how strong and united Germans are.

2. The 1936 Summer Olympics torch relay was the first of its kind.

It became a unique tradition afterwards.

3. Americans and Europeans tried to boycott the Olympics because of human rights abuses.

Western democracies questioned the morality of supporting the games hosted by the Nazi regime. Sadly, the boycott failed.

4. Helene Mayer was the only Jewish athlete who competed for Germany.

She won a silver medal in women’s individual fencing and gave the Nazi salute.

5. The Nazi regime hid their racist views and policies from tourists.

Anti-Jewish signs and posters were taken down, and foreign visitors were exempted from the anti-homosexuality laws.

6. Germany won the most medals and hearts.

Few people saw the Nazi regime’s true intentions.

7. After the games ended, persecution of the Jews resumed.

One man named Wolfgang Fuerstner committed suicide two days after the Olympics when he was dismissed from military service because of his Jewish ancestry.