Re: Abolish ICE? Please don’t.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency was established 15 years ago in response to the 9/11 attacks.

People want to abolish ICE because of Trump’s immigration policies.

Before the U.S. had a Department of Homeland Security (DHS), immigration was managed by the Department of Commerce first, and then the Department of Labor next.

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Main Chick VS Side Chick


Let’s compare the pros and cons of being the main chick and side chick…



Main Chick


  • She’s official. (That’s signified with a title and/or ring.)
  • She has benefits.
  • Her man most likely knows her more than the side chick.
  • She has to deal with her man’s problems.


  • She gets an emotional toll when she finds out her man secretly hangs out with side chicks.
  • She hardly knows her man’s problems and can’t help him.
  • She’s more likley to take the position of side chick.
  • Her man can easily cut ties with her if he can run to a “safety net”.




Side Chick


  • She’s her man’s entertainment and “safety net”.
  • She shares the same (if not more) benefits than the main chicks.
  • Her man most likely treats her better than the main chick.
  • She doesn’t have to deal with her man’s problems.


  • She gets an emotional toll when she finds out that her man secretly has a main chick.
  • She hardly knows her man’s problems and can’t help him.
  • She’s less likely to take the position of main chick.
  • Her man can easily cut ties with her because they had no official relationship.



So who won?






The Mother

A lovely poem about mothers.

When your mother has already aged,
When her eyes love and hope
no longer see life as it once did,
When her feet, and tired,
Can no longer hold her while walking

So give her your arm in support,
Join her with joy,
The time will come when, weeping,
should accompany her on her last legs.

And if you question something,
then give a response.
And if you ask again, talk to her!
And if you question yet again, respond,
Not eagerly, but with gentle calm.

And if she can not understand you clearly,
explain everything with gentle joy.
Will come when the bitter hour
that her lips will not ask anything more.

-Adolf Hitler, 1923

Hitler’s First and Unrequited Love Is A Jewish Girl

Yes, you read that right. She’s Jewish.

Hitler’s first and unrequited love is Stefanie Rabatsch – a Jewish girl who grew up in a family of high social status.

He was 16 when he first saw her and her mother stroll in Linz, Austria.

Since then, he fell so madly in love with her to the point where he wrote love poems and wanted to commit suicide.

Hitler never talked to her, and Rabatsch eventually married an army officer. She remained oblivious of Hitler’s feelings for her until she was interviewed about it after the war ended.