How Facial Recognition Can Provide Secure Access for K-12 Schools

In recent years, concerns for unauthorized persons gaining access to schools has, unfortunately, drastically risen. Some security systems have been put in place, but they are generally a simple button to unlock the front door or gates, which schools have found to be problematic due to things such as tardy students that need be buzzed in and how often parents have to be buzzed in when picking up their children early.

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AI Experts Question Amazon’s Facial Recognition Technology

Many AI researchers for major tech firms such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook have signed a letter to stop Amazon from giving away its facial recognition to law enforcement agencies mainly because that technology is biased towards people of color and women. A peer review study conducted by researchers at MIT revealed that Amazon’s facial recognition technology, known as Rekognition, has problems identifying females and dark skinned women. It mistakes women for men 19% of the time, and for women of color 31%.

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In December 2018, the Bridgeport Police Department officially launched the ShotSpotter – a system that detects gunfire and gives police officers instant access to shooting location maps, as well as information on how many shooters are present and how many shots were fired. The automated system uses computerized sensors placed on buildings and lamp posts throughout the city to detect gunfire. With this technology, police can better predict where shooting may occur, and, consequently, help officers respond more quickly to violence. The system is not a replacement for residents calling in shots fired. Moreover, the data collected can even help neighborhoods combat gun violence through promoting health programs in areas where gun violence usually happens. Despite how ShotSpotter does not have biometric scanning features like other police technologies, it does raise privacy concerns. Some people believe that the system will pick up and record conversations, while others believe it will eventually have more features added (including the ability to record conversations).

Black Woman Arrested For Climbing the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day

I can understand why police officers arrested her.

A lot of people visit Ellis Island, and I believe that you have to purchase expensive tickets to access the crown.

…And I do know that the original torch of the statue was removed because of a bombing attack.

Image result for statue of liberty
…How in the world did she get on the Statue of Liberty?

(The first half of this blog post will be about my reaction to this article, while the second-half will focus on my reaction to another article about the same incident.)

(Right now, I’m assuming that a lot of people are defending that woman’s actions like the author of that article.)

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News Reporters and Journalists Definitely Need (More) Protection / Reaction to the Capital Gazette Attack

My initial reaction to the Capital Gazette shootings on June 28, 2018 (before the shooter was identified): “Is this a ‘Charlie Hebdo-like’ attack on American soil?” Yesterday (July 2), I saw the video below and was shocked to hear what Jim Cavanaugh said about the shooter: he was posting tweets about Charlie Hebdo (4:14).

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