The dancers/actors/extras in K-Pop MVs are also good-looking.

Some of you might say “The background people are obviously good-looking. How could you not have noticed that until now?” 😂. But hear me out:
We definitely hear a lot of talk about the looks of idols and other Korean celebrities, but not so much about the background people because they often go unnoticed.
And, a lot of people (including the background people themselves) probably don’t think that they’re good-looking.
Why? Well, I think it’s because idols are are often seen as representatives of what beauty should look like. And thus, it’s hard to take your eyes away from them.
I was one of the many viewers who never noticed how good-looking the background people are (and a bunch of other related things) until I dated an extra myself.
I was on my first date ever. While my date and I were walking around DC, I brought up the fact that I did some extra/acting gigs and pointed out the filming locations as we walked by them. To my surprise, he revealed the fact that he’s one of the athletes in AOA’s “Heart Attack” MV. I never heard of this group or song until he brought it up, so he (of course) pulled up the MV so that we could watch it together. It was an eye-opener.
Some of you might also say that my ‘unpopular opinion’ is a bit biased because of my experiences. …Still, hear me out 😂:
One thing I realized from the guy I dated is that not everyone in a K-Pop MV is considered to be beautiful/handsome in Korea.
My date grew up being called ugly by his peers because of his ‘exotic looks’. He’s not only naturally dark-skinned (instead of fair-skinned like most Koreans), but he also didn’t look Korean to me. In fact, I thought he was Hawaiian when I met him.
He wasn’t featured in the MV because he “was the best-looking athlete they could find” or “was a rising star”; he got in simply because of connections. Someone who was involved with the making of the MV was probably a big fan of lacrosse, and he probably had to pull some strings to get lacrosse players into the MV because the sport was virtually unknown in Korea at the time (from what I’ve heard).
Basically, what I’m trying to say is that some of the people you see in K-Pop MVs are the same people who walk the streets. They’re not ‘models’ or ‘the popular guys from high school’; they’re ‘average-looking’ or ‘ugly’ people.
They may have been called or think of themselves as ‘ugly’, but I swear to god… Where’s the ugly? Where’s the average-looking? Because I 👏 don’t 👏 see 👏 it 👏. No, I’m not saying this because I thought my date was handsome; I’m saying this because I’ve looked at the background people in MVs and genuinely think that they’re good-looking! For instance, I watched the dance relay to Jessi’s “Down” after noticing the dancers in the MV. They look so pretty, and they sure know how to “seduce the camera”.
My question to y’all: Have you ever noticed the background people in MVs? Is there anyone that stands out to you? Do you think some of them ‘look’ like they’d be idols (or trainees, perhaps)?