My “Something” (Pt. II) – The Second Meeting

In August ’19, he moved to Baltimore, Maryland from Seoul, Korea in the hopes of becoming a pro lacrosse player. We only saw each other for about a month, and we just parted ways recently.

I have nothing but good memories for my first dating experience. Although our time together was brief, there were some moments when it felt like an eternity because I tried my best to live in and cherish those moments. It doesn’t really hurt to have lingering thoughts about him.

One week later, and we see each other again at the same conversation event. At the end of the event, he waited for me by the exit door. I was like, “Oh? You wanna… eat with me again?”

We walked to the Commons building together. (I forgot to mention this next detail in my last post, so I’ll mention it here.) Just like the first time we met, he proceeded to walk not one, not two, but maybe ten steps ahead of me just to open doors. Wow, what a gentleman.

Again, we had late lunch together. He bought sushi on-campus. I told him I like sushi too, and he shared some of his sushi with me.

Our conversations became a lot more interesting during this second meeting. One of the first things he asked me was “How old do you think I am?” What a weird question, I thought to myself. …Maybe he’s asking me because he’s older than what he appears to be. …And maybe he already graduated from college. “… 22” “No. …27.” …What? I’m 22, and I look so much younger. He’s 27, and he looks… so much younger, too. Ahahaha.

The next thing we talked about is what we wanted to do in the future. For him, he wants to become a pro lacrosse player.

People either know lacrosse, or they don’t. So for those who don’t really know the sport, it’s a Native American sport that’s older than America itself, and it’s gaining popularity.

I kinda had the feeling that he’d say something like that because of his Facebook profile picture and his abnormally. ripped. body. Since his Facebook profile picture shows him wearing the #1 jersey, I assumed that he was one of the team captains of a lacrosse team. But as soon as he said that he wants to become a pro lacrosse player, I immediately became shocked because that means that he didn’t just play for any team – he plays for Korea’s national lacrosse team. Moreover, he didn’t just pick a random state to move to – he moved to Maryland, home to some of the top lacrosse teams in the nation, as well as the US Lacrosse HQ.

I was a little bit familiar with the sport before meeting the guy I dated because I had high school classmates who played lacrosse, my high school was near Johns Hopkins (they’re known to have really good lacrosse players like Paul Rabil), and I read some things about the sport in encyclopedias when I was a kid. I’m not exactly sure how popular lacrosse will become in the future, but I heard that lacrosse might become an Olympic sport again. For now though, I do know that lacrosse is pretty popular in the US, but not so much outside the US yet. (Who knew that Korea was producing lacrosse players like him?)

Another thing we talked about was the movie “La La Land”. I never heard of that movie until he recommended it to me. He showed me a clip of the two main characters singing and dancing to “A Lovely Night”. (Eventually, I watch the movie at the end of the semester. I’ll talk about it in another post!)

That’s all I remember from our second meeting. Of course, the most memorable thing was the fact that he’s aiming to go pro. It was pretty evident that he liked me, but I wasn’t too sure about whether he was worth dating. Yes, he was pretty attractive. But some deal-breakers that I haven’t quite identified from him were personality and compatibility. I thought to myself, “I’ll try to come up with my decision next time we see each other again.” And to my surprise, it actually wasn’t too difficult to make my decision.

My “Something” (Pt. I) – The First Meeting

In August ’19, he moved to Baltimore, Maryland from Seoul, Korea in the hopes of becoming a pro lacrosse player. We only saw each other for about a month, and we just parted ways two days ago.

I have nothing but good memories for my first dating experience. Although our time together was brief, there were some moments when it felt like an eternity because I tried my best to live in and cherish those moments. It doesn’t really hurt to have lingering thoughts about him.

He saw me reading magazines in an office at my college. Then, the following day, we were at a conversation event for foreign exchange students. I was one of the few native English speakers and local students there. We were divided into two groups, and by chance I ended up sitting next to him. He asked me for my Facebook, and without thinking twice I stupidly accepted his friend request (him, a total stranger then). He also asked me if I was free after the event, and I was like “Yah”.
As we walked down a flight of stairs together, he complimented me on my outfit and how he remembered me from the office.  He said something like “When I saw you again today, I knew you were the same girl I saw in the office because you dress so nice and colorful.” I kinda felt embarrassed, and tried to return a compliment to him. “You too.” But ugh… I failed miserably because he wasn’t wearing colorful clothes. (Heheh.)

We had late lunch together. I could tell that he was a little bit shy and nervous. Something’s up.

One of the first things he asked me was “What’s my ethnicity?”, to which I replied with “… Hawaiian?” I guess that was our first time laughing together. He’s unusually tan… for a Korean. On top of that, his English is pretty good. “Can you guess what ethnicity I am?”, I asked. “Chinese?” “Close. I’m Filipino-Chinese.” Just like him, it’s hard for people to tell my ethnicity.
Deep down, we also had insecurities about our appearances. He was teased for looking ugly because he doesn’t meet the Korean male beauty standards. Me, on the other hand, was teased for not looking Filipino when I identify as a Filipino.

(For these next couple of things, I don’t remember which order they occurred in. All I remember is that they happened during our first meeting.)

He showed me what his favorite type of music is. The YouTube video he showed me was a Korean R&B MV with a ballerina in it. (I already had a hunch that he had a crush on me because he asked me for my Facebook and then proceeded to hang out with me as soon as possible. But watching the ballerina MV confirmed what I suspected.) When he asked me what kind of music I liked, I pulled up a Korean MV – “Eung Freestyle”. I didn’t think through my choice. He was shocked to hear the cursing and heavy rapping. I laughed at his reaction. To save my image (LOL), I told him “My #1 all-time favorite singer is Michael Jackson.” “Ah. What’s your favorite song by him?” “Thriller!”

“Why do you like Thriller?”, he asked. “Because I love horror. The voice in the middle of the song, Vincent Price, is my favorite part of the song. He’s a famous actor for horror movies.”

“What’s your favorite movie?”, he asked. “I think it’s House of Wax… because of Vincent Price’s voice and acting performance.” “How did you learn about that movie?” “I looked up Vincent Price because I heard his voice in Thriller.”

I looked at his book bag. It was a greenish/beige military-styled book bag with a lapel pin of the Korean flag. I asked him “You like guns?” Puzzled by the question, he went with a safe answer: “… I was… in the army…” And then I added, “I like hunting.” “… Hunting?” “Yeah. I was certified at age 13.” “… What’s your favorite gun?” “Muzzleloader.” “… One shot, one kill?” “YEAH~.”

After learning so much about me, he commented: “You dress so lady-like, but you’re so… tough.” And I was like… “Yah!”

Just as we were about to leave, he noticed that it was raining outside. “Ah~, rain…” I said. “…I like rain.” The afternoon was quiet enough for me to hear the rain tap the windows and my heart softly thump. Since I couldn’t really process my feelings toward him, I thought a second meetup would help me decide if he’s worth my time.

Rosé’s voice sounds like it’s getting progressively worse.

I was surprised to hear BLACKPINK’s Rosé sing “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by BIGBANG’s TaeYang, her label-mate… because of how unstable and off-tune her voice sounded.

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Minzy’s decision to leave YG Entertainment was good for her overall, and is influential. (…) CL either left YG recently or is gonna leave the company soon.

One of the reasons why 2NE1 disbanded is because Minzy – the girl group’s main dancer, lead vocalist, and youngest member – decided to leave YG Entertainment during her group’s ridiculously long, two-year hiatus.

Since YG singers, producers, song writers, etc. work under the strict restrictions of their “company” – which is run by brothers Yang Hyun-suk and Yang Min-suk (both of whom I’ll refer to as the “company” throughout this post) – they seldom see their ideas and dreams realized.

That’s why Minzy left YG, and why CL has either left the company or is most likely leaving the company soon. 2NE1’s members didn’t just suffer from their final group hiatus; they became tired of wishing for group and solo activities to happen (since everything from song and TV appearances have to be checked and approved by their bosses), and annoyed by the lack of support from their company whenever they were criticized (about their appearance, skills, behaviors, and thoughts).

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How I Imagine 2NE1’s Reunion (BLACKPINK & YG Family Concert)

2NE1 will probably reunite. I don’t know how soon, but it’ll probably happen for a YG Family Concert. And it’ll probably be one of the most popular “2nd gen.” K-Pop comebacks of that year.

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BLACKPINK’s Secret Weapon: Jisoo

Jisoo officially serves the visual role in YG Entertainment’s girl group, BLACKPINK.

In BLACKPINK’s latest comeback, she stole the spotlight and captured the hearts of many with her huge vocal improvement, versatile beauty, and powerful dance in the music video for “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”.

But few noticed how she has always exceeded the expectations of a visual even long before the group’s debut.

Image result for blackpink jisoo ddu du ddu du

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Thoughts on BLACKPINK’s Lisa, “Square Up” Comeback

Today’s my third time watching the MV.

I don’t have any new impressions since the first time I saw the MV. So everything that I’ll be saying about Lisa will be my impressions of her since I first saw the MV.

Since I’ve always believed that Lisa was the group’s best rapper ever since I heard the song “Stay”, I was kinda hoping that Lisa’s wardrobe would look better for the “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” comeback.

Honestly, I wasn’t too disappointed with Lisa’s fashion in the “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” MV. My three favorites would be her pink, white, and red outfits (all ranked equally). Those outfits really make her look like a fierce lady – not quite the same kind of fierceness as Beyoncé or CL, but much better because Lisa ~owned~ those looks.

On the other hand, there were some outfits that weren’t too bad, but weren’t too great either. Lisa’s outfit with the checkered top and red leggings kinda looked like an outfit that an Instagram model would wear – basically, it looked… basic. Then there’s Lisa’s grey outfit with the orange jacket and pink fox tail. The outfit doesn’t really seem to suit Lisa, but I guess the stylist gave it to her because she wanted the outfit to compliment Lisa’s verse – “I’m foxy”. And then there’s her black outfit at the end of the MV. I wish she and Rosé were given colored outfits because it looked like they blended in the background. But, like what Producer of the “Form of Therapy” YouTube channel said, it looks like the stylist gave black outfits to the members with vibrant hair colors (Lisa and Rosé), and colored outfits to the members with natural hair colors (Jennie and Jisoo).

Last, but not least, I was kinda expecting Lisa to comeback with a different hair color.

I’m disappointed by how all of the members except Rosé had the same hair color for “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”. I get that it looks like the members have “found” their signature hair colors – Lisa rocks different shades of red hair; Jisoo mostly has black hair, but at one point had purple hair; Jennie mostly has black hair, but seems to be rocking the dark blonde hair pretty often; and Rosé is mostly known for her warm blonde hair, but now shows that she can pull-off the red hair look as well (because her name is Rosé).

Lisa can probably look great in hot pink hair. Now that’s a brilliant concept. I guess it’s because Lisa has doll-like features. That kind of hair wouldn’t make her look too similar to Rosé because Rosé’s new hair color is pretty dark. Giving Lisa hot pink hair can probably give the BLACKPINK name a little more ~oomph~ because in MVs, Lisa seems a lot more fiercer than the other members. (Maybe it’s just me who sees Lisa that way.)

Image result for barbie doll hot pink hair

Lisa isn’t always given great outfits, yet she somehow pulls them off like Dara of 2NE1. Perhaps the YG stylists were consciously giving her “ugly outfits” because they wanted to showcase BLACKPINK’s beauty the same way they did for 2NE1 – through giving the “most beautiful member” the oddest looks.

When Lisa does wear beautiful outfits, there’s no doubt that she’s really beautiful. This image below shows the kind of outfit that we sadly don’t get to see Lisa in for performances and MVs.

Image result for lisa blackpink flower top

Now, there have been moments when everyone in BLACKPINK had questionable outfits, like what’s shown in the left picture:


But I think for the most part – in MVs, performances, guest appearances, and interviews – Lisa’s outfits look “Instagram tacky”. I guess that’s the best way I can describe them.

Image result for lisa blackpink kylie jenner bootsImage result for kylie jenner boots orange

It’s no joke that the BLACKPINK members are wearing expensive and trendy outfits. Lisa’s boots in the MV “As If It’s Your Last” were kinda made popular by Kylie Jenner and some other American celebrities. Seeing them on Lisa made me think that the stylists were choosing clothes for their name and trendiness, and I guess there’s nothing wrong with that when you’re trying to help make BLACKPINK marketable and trendy. But I wish that Lisa’s outfits, or all the BLACKPINK members’ outfits, made everyone look more harmonious and united.

I don’t know if the stylists of BLACKPINK are necessarily the same people who worked for 2NE1, but regardless they should take notes on 2NE1’s “revolutionary” and “unique” K-Pop styles in order to make Lisa and everyone in BLACKPINK stand out in their own way and equally together.

Image result for 2ne1 fashion

Image result for 2ne1 fashion can't nobody

Image result for 2ne1 fashion