Rant on Disrespectful Responses to the Pontifex and Dalai Lama’s Twitter Posts

Pontifex and Dalai Lama: *preaches about how people shouldn’t rely on wealth for happiness on Twitter*

disrespectful Twitter users: *complain about how happiness can’t be obtained without money, poor people’s sufferings, and economic problems*

Guys, I understand how some of you are either unreligious, or are religious yet hold different opinions from religious leaders. I also get that some of you guys believe that religious texts are outdated because they were written by authors who lived in societies and environments that are different from today.

But c’mon, a good chunk of you probably understand that religious leaders are trying to communicate positive life lessons and messages.

No matter what your beliefs are, and no matter whether you’re religious or not,… people (excluding psychopaths) live life being curious about life’s mysteries, try to better their lives, and/or try to better the global community.

Religions exist because, first and foremost, people throughout history are curious about life’s mysteries. Second, but more importantly, religion exists because people want to celebrate and respect life.

Religious texts aren’t outdated because people back then didn’t have today’s scientific instruments and methods to prove such and such… On the contrary, they’re timeless because no matter what scientific advancements we have today and will have in the future, there will always be mysteries unsolved. And religions certainly don’t try to give concrete answers to life’s mysteries.

Moreover, history has proven how the virtues, ethics and morals taught by religious and non-religious people have benefited individuals, families, friendships, relationships, societies, and all of humanity.

Dear disrespectful Twitter users, I hope that you guys learn to be more open-minded and understanding of other’s perspectives of the world. You don’t have to necessarily accept other’s beliefs. When you open yourselves to new perspectives and ideas, you just might surround yourselves with diverse people and maybe adopt a new belief or two.

Review: “Anthropoid”

My review of the 2016 historical thriller movie “Anthropoid”.

Anthropoid (2016) is a movie based on Operation Anthropoid — a mission carried out by Czechoslovak soliders-in-exile to assassinate SS officer Reinhard Heydrich.

Kudos to my mother for successfully selecting a marvelous film. She deserved the hug that I gave her after we finished watching it.

As someone who enjoys learning World War II history, I was amazed by the heroic tale of the Czechoslovakians to the point where I immediately researched the accuracy of the film and the true story.

After reading this webpage, I was shocked to learn that the actors did closely resemble the people involved in the attack, and that the film was mostly accurate.

It baffles me how I have never heard of Operation Anthropoid and the historical figures involved in it (such as Heydrich) in all of my years of schooling.

The planning, execution, and success of the mission were a huge slap-to-the-face for the Nazis, which woke them up to the reality of how weak they are compared to the Czechoslovakians, the Allies, and the common man.

The mission also shows how the Czechs and Slovakians have a common history of being strong and united people despite the eventual dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993.

I would love to visit the church, the street where the attempted assassination took place, Heydrich’s house, and the Prague castle.

I have been to Prague once many years ago, and I was enchanted by the quaintness of the little town.

The next time I visit Prague in the near future, I will surely walk through its historical streets again with another fresh pair of eyes.


Fun Facts About the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany

2016 marks the 80th anniversary of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany!

Here are some fun facts about the event:

1. Nazi Germany used the games for propaganda purposes.

Hitler wanted to show the world how strong and united Germans are.

2. The 1936 Summer Olympics torch relay was the first of its kind.

It became a unique tradition afterwards.

3. Americans and Europeans tried to boycott the Olympics because of human rights abuses.

Western democracies questioned the morality of supporting the games hosted by the Nazi regime. Sadly, the boycott failed.

4. Helene Mayer was the only Jewish athlete who competed for Germany.

She won a silver medal in women’s individual fencing and gave the Nazi salute.

5. The Nazi regime hid their racist views and policies from tourists.

Anti-Jewish signs and posters were taken down, and foreign visitors were exempted from the anti-homosexuality laws.

6. Germany won the most medals and hearts.

Few people saw the Nazi regime’s true intentions.

7. After the games ended, persecution of the Jews resumed.

One man named Wolfgang Fuerstner committed suicide two days after the Olympics when he was dismissed from military service because of his Jewish ancestry.

“The Faithful Heinrich”: Himmler’s Relationship with Hitler

Fun facts about Himmler



  • He was never involved with Nazi Party policy-making decisions in the years leading up to the seizure of power
  • He was second-in-command of the SS, then Reichsfuhrer-SS, and then just a message-reporter to Hitler
  • He wanted to succeed Hitler
  • Hitler thought that Himmler’s mystic interests were nonsense
  • He was never a member of Hitler’s inner circle
  • When he learned that Hitler planned to die in Berlin, he left his leader to try to save himself.

The Mother

A lovely poem about mothers.

When your mother has already aged,
When her eyes love and hope
no longer see life as it once did,
When her feet, and tired,
Can no longer hold her while walking

So give her your arm in support,
Join her with joy,
The time will come when, weeping,
should accompany her on her last legs.

And if you question something,
then give a response.
And if you ask again, talk to her!
And if you question yet again, respond,
Not eagerly, but with gentle calm.

And if she can not understand you clearly,
explain everything with gentle joy.
Will come when the bitter hour
that her lips will not ask anything more.

-Adolf Hitler, 1923

Hitler and Disney

Hitler loved Disney, and Disney loved Hitler.

1. Hitler frequently whistled “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”

It’s also funny to note that his name is derived from the old German word “Adalwolf” (“Noble Wolf”).



2. Hitler drew fantastic Disney-styled drawings.

His favorite Disney movie is “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.




3. In 1943, Disney made two short films called “Der Fuehrer’s Face” (“Donald Duck in Nutzi Land”)  and “Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi”

“Der Fuehrer’s Face” won an Oscar and is included in Russia’s extremist list.

Hitler’s First and Unrequited Love Is A Jewish Girl

Yes, you read that right. She’s Jewish.

Hitler’s first and unrequited love is Stefanie Rabatsch – a Jewish girl who grew up in a family of high social status.

He was 16 when he first saw her and her mother stroll in Linz, Austria.

Since then, he fell so madly in love with her to the point where he wrote love poems and wanted to commit suicide.

Hitler never talked to her, and Rabatsch eventually married an army officer. She remained oblivious of Hitler’s feelings for her until she was interviewed about it after the war ended.