Versace Becomes AESTHETIC

You’d think that high-end fashion brands are decorated with gold, silver, silk, pearls… all of that high-quality shit.


Well, Versace’s advertisement (shown in the featured image) is proof that expensive brands have zero taste in style and quality.

Seeing that advertisement in Instagram made me more disappointed at the 21st century world in general.

It’s one thing to find $50 aesthetic fashion on Tumblr…

But to see ~$3,000 aesthetic fashion?

Now, you’d be an idiot to throw away all that money to satisfy your aesthetic desires.

Who cares if the clothes are labeled Versace, Gucci, Prada, Alexander McQueen…? Most people won’t know that you’re wearing high-end fashion, especially if what you’re wearing looks aesthetic.

Now, if you really wanna look fashionable and aesthetic like the Greek/Roman statues, then why not try this style out…?:


David’s head isn’t the only thing aesthetic about him; they also include his curves, pose, eyes, …

I’d say David mastered the art of aesthetic much better than those ridiculously neon-painted Greek/Roman statues and Tumblr-aesthetic fashionistas.

Smart Bra

Ladies, ditch the Fitbit and Apple Watch for this stylish, techy bra. Guys, feel free to do that too.

The OMbra is a smart bra that can measure a woman’s biometrics – heart rate, breathing rate, calories burned, and other metrics. The data is recorded is recorded through a sensor located in the lower band of the bra that runs along the rib cage. That data is then wirelessly transferred to the OmSignal mobile app. That app has a feature called OmRun that measures distance, pace, breathing rhythm, and fatigue levels during cardio workouts. The bra is available for $150.