“Things I Learned In College” (#1): How To Use My Smartphone

I can’t stop thinking about the funny and hard things I learned at my previous college.

Sometimes, I wish I learned these things earlier.

*Sigh* Well, at least it’s a good thing that I learned them.


#1 How to use a smartphone

No joke. I got a smartphone as my high school graduation present.

At first, the smartphone felt huuuge in my small hands compared to my first cellphone.

New phone (Samsung) vs. old phone (Nokia)

It took me forever (the entire freshman year of college) to learn how to use a smartphone. (And I’m still learning how to use it as I continue to update it.)

I feel bad for all my family and friends who had to put-up with me trying to use my phone. My family would have a tough-time communicating with me because of long-distance calls, while my friends and I were really into texting each other.

It’s frustrating. Smartphones have so many features, and it’s difficult to manage all of them.


Here are some of the things I learned (because I feel like listing them, and looking back at this post with giggles):

1.) There are different volume settings for ringtone, media, notifications, system, and calling.

2.) Make sure you completely mute your phone whenever you need to. (Make sure you manually adjust all the volume bars for the ringtone, media, and calling modes.)


3.) If you call someone with a low calling volume, and you tell them that you can’t hear them when they can hear you on their end, then they’ll think you’re crazy (and most likely try calling you again to get the same results).

4.) If you call someone and they sound muffled even though your calling volume is fine, then either you, the person you’re calling, or both of you are not in a calling-friendly setting.


5.) It’s hard to use the touchscreen when you’re in calling-mode because the touchscreen automatically turns-off and blacks-out in that mode.

6.) You need to download an emoji keyboard from the app store because your default keyboard doesn’t always have the emoji option in all the messaging apps.

7.) You don’t have to use the default wallpaper and screensaver options.

8.) Don’t use live wallpapers and screensavers even though they’re so cool and your old cellphone never had those options.


9.) A “butt-dial” means that you accidentally made a phone call, regardless of whether or not your butt was the cause of it.

10.) You can lock your phone so that you don’t accidentally touch any applications (and accidentally “butt-dial” people).


11.) Use your (then-new) Facebook account to keep yourself updated with college events and news.

12.) Facebook Messenger (supposedly) has a clearer-sounding calling feature than my default phone app.


13.) Don’t keep any apps running in the background because they use up your 4G, and consequentially slow down the loading-time for your apps.

14.) Just turn-off your phone whenever you travel. I always remember to turn-on “Airplane Mode”, but I usually forget to turn it off.


15.) You can delay message sending.

16.) Don’t delay message sending anymore. This feature causes a lot of problems, including failed message sending. (My messages don’t always send at the predicted time. They either don’t send at all, or get sent much, much later.)

use delay message sending in messaging app in Galaxy S5.jpg

And last, but not least…

17.) It’s okay. You were trying to get accustomed to new technology. Some of the problems you had were either due to the manufacturer, the not-so-calling-friendly environment, or just your clumsiness. Just thank God that this isn’t your phone:

A burned Samsung Galaxy S6. Samsung is known for their burning smartphones (especially the infamous Note 7).

Smart Bra

Ladies, ditch the Fitbit and Apple Watch for this stylish, techy bra. Guys, feel free to do that too.

The OMbra is a smart bra that can measure a woman’s biometrics – heart rate, breathing rate, calories burned, and other metrics. The data is recorded is recorded through a sensor located in the lower band of the bra that runs along the rib cage. That data is then wirelessly transferred to the OmSignal mobile app. That app has a feature called OmRun that measures distance, pace, breathing rhythm, and fatigue levels during cardio workouts. The bra is available for $150.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

Samsung issued a worldwide recall for the Galaxy Note 7 after 35 people complained that the device caught on fire and melted while charging.

Samsung estimated that about 0.1% of all the devices they issued are at risk of getting damaged while charging. They also stated that they sold about 2.5 million devices since the launch date.

Those who ordered the device are offered to get one of two smartphones – the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge – for free next week in the U.S.

They will also be given accessories specific to the Note 7 and a $25 gift card or bill credit.

Tone of Text

We all learned what tone is in English class:

Tone is the way writers express their attitude through their writing. Yet, people have a difficult time interpreting the tone of texts.

It’s not just the diction (the writer’s choice of words) that influences readers’ interpretation of the tone of texts, but what they know about the writer of the text, when they read the texts, how the text was read, what they believe.



What they know about the writer of the text

  • Has the reader talked to the writer? (In person? On the phone?)
  • What does the reader know about the writer’s background, personality, interests, etc.?



When they read the text

  • What mood was the reader in? (Good? Bad? Neutral?)
  • What events happened leading up to when the reader read the text?



How the text was read

  • Did the reader read the entire message?
  • Did the reader read the text in a different order than what the writer intended it to be in?



What they believe

  • What influenced the reader to interpret the text in a particular way?
  • What strong beliefs do they have?

The Pros and Cons of Apple’s Wireless Charger

Rumor has it that Apple will make a wireless charger for the upcoming iPhone 7 Pro. Here’s a list of its pros and cons.

Apple might make a wireless charger for the upcoming iPhone 7 Pro.

So, if you’re thinking of getting the newest iPhone model, consider the pros and cons of having a wireless charger.


Here’s a list of its pros:

1. It’s gonna be another stylish Apple “accessory”.


2. It’s gonna be tangle-free.


3. It won’t be prone to any wear and tears.


4. You’ll have a lower risk of electrical shocks.




Here’s a list of its cons:

1. It might charge the iPhone slower than a wired charger.


2. Since it’ll be costly to manufacture them, buying them separately will also be costly.


3. You can’t move the iPhone away from the charger.


4. It may not be completely wireless like the Samsung “wireless” charger.



Lastly, here’s a concept video of the wireless charger:


An app-controlled smart toaster


When was the last time you were excited to eat breakfast?

Unless you usually change what you eat for breakfast, your breakfasts are most likely boring.

Well, here’s something that’ll make breakfast fun to eat again: Toasteroid – a smart toaster that’s connected to an app.


You can design your toast to have the weather forecast, messages, emojis, and other images. The images can either be chosen from their collection of templates or doodled on a drawing board.

You can also adjust to your prefered toast darkness.


Toasteroid has a pretty stylish design. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a toaster.

Whether or not you have smart devices or stainless steel stuff in your kitchen, Toasteroid can add some flair to your kitchen.



The Toasteroid team is hoping to sell the toaster for $85. They compared the price tag of the Toasteroid to the price tag of other toasters, hoping to convince people that their price is reasonable.

However, just a quick search on Google helped me find similar and cheaper toasters. So, if you really think the Toasteroid is worth buying, go for it!




Here’s the official website for Toasteroid.

Here’s the Kickstarter page for Toasteroid.

Pistol Emoji To Be Replaced By A Squirt Gun Emoji In Apple Devices

How cute. The right to bear arms is given to American citizens by the U.S. Constitution, yet we’re not allowed to use guns in our text messages.

This fall, the pistol emoji will be replaced by a squirt gun emoji in apple devices.

In July 2015, a group known as the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence published an open letter asking Apple to “disarm the iPhone” by getting rid of the gun emoji. It’s not clear as to whether the emoji change is a response to the letter.

Emojis are made by Unicode Consortium, not Apple. Unicode Consortium enables people to communicate with each other on any device in any language. Platforms like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Samsung decide how characters will appear on their devices.

This emoji change is due to how Apple wants to reinterpret the pistol emoji to be “read” on their devices.

Apple isn’t the only company to change how users view the gun emoji; Microsoft changed the gun emoji to look like a ray gun on Windows 10 devices.

According to Emojipedia, the gun emoji will still look like a gun on other devices.

What the gun emoji looks like on some smartphone devices