BlackBerry VS Apple

BlackBerry’s embarkment into the mobile phone market was the innovative spark that created the concept of the smartphone. The first model, BlackBerry 5810, had unique features such as a physical keyboard and the ability to access emails through the phone itself, which was a revolutionary function at the time. Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian company that established deep roots in corporate environments with pagers and other enterprise hardware, once ruled the business world. Its long line of BlackBerry devices boasted responsive physical QWERTY keyboards and native support for push email. These features made them the go-to mobile devices for the corporate world. BlackBerry was continuously improving its product line after developing pagers and two-way communication devices. But that all changed when Apple stepped into the phone market with its launch of the iPhone in 2007.
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The Impact of AWS

AWS IQ’s large talent pool, relationship with customers, comprehensive set of services, and global marketplace are what make them a necessary ingredient for business start-ups and growth.

Amazon has greatly expanded their presence in the cloud computing space with their latest service – AWS IQ. In September 2019, AWS IQ was introduced as a service that allows enables seamless connection, interaction, and billing between businesses and cloud-computing experts. Since then, it has not only proven to be a valuable resource for businesses of various sizes and in various stages, but also a valuable asset in Amazon’s portfolio.

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