The Fundamentals of Human-Interaction Design

The fundamentals of human-computer interaction includes a mix of psychology, web design, computer science, information systems, marketing, entertainment, and business. Interaction design is the design of interactive products to support people in their everyday and working lives. This entails creating user experiences that enhance and extend the way people work, communicate, and interact. Moreover, much of interaction design needs consideration of cognitive, social and affective issues, and that designers need to learn to weigh the pros and cons and be prepared to make trade-offs.

BlackBerry VS Apple

BlackBerry’s embarkment into the mobile phone market was the innovative spark that created the concept of the smartphone. The first model, BlackBerry 5810, had unique features such as a physical keyboard and the ability to access emails through the phone itself, which was a revolutionary function at the time. Research In Motion (RIM), a Canadian company that established deep roots in corporate environments with pagers and other enterprise hardware, once ruled the business world. Its long line of BlackBerry devices boasted responsive physical QWERTY keyboards and native support for push email. These features made them the go-to mobile devices for the corporate world. BlackBerry was continuously improving its product line after developing pagers and two-way communication devices. But that all changed when Apple stepped into the phone market with its launch of the iPhone in 2007.
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The Impact of AWS

AWS IQ’s large talent pool, relationship with customers, comprehensive set of services, and global marketplace are what make them a necessary ingredient for business start-ups and growth.

Amazon has greatly expanded their presence in the cloud computing space with their latest service – AWS IQ. In September 2019, AWS IQ was introduced as a service that allows enables seamless connection, interaction, and billing between businesses and cloud-computing experts. Since then, it has not only proven to be a valuable resource for businesses of various sizes and in various stages, but also a valuable asset in Amazon’s portfolio.

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Merch Mockups for the PLL WaterDogs

What do you think about the WaterDogs name and logo? Do you like them? Do you not like them? Since the big reveal, I’ve been on the fence.

I decided to make merch mockups so that I as an artist can visually see and judge how appealing the WaterDogs concept is.

I extracted the logo I used from the image above, and used them in my mockup designs.

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The Importance of Data Storytelling In A Data-Driven World

Not everyone is a data person. Not everyone has the ability to translate data into understandable language. It’s easy to get lost in the numbers without the tactics, tools and skills to distill data into something understandable and manageable.

Data may hold tremendous amounts of potential value, but not an ounce of that value can be created unless insights are uncovered and translated into actions or business outcomes.

As the world becomes richer in data, the ability to take data – to be able to analyze it, understand it, process it, extract value from it, visualize it, and communicate it – are going to become more and more important.

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Minzy’s decision to leave YG Entertainment was good for her overall, and is influential. (…) CL either left YG recently or is gonna leave the company soon.

One of the reasons why 2NE1 disbanded is because Minzy – the girl group’s main dancer, lead vocalist, and youngest member – decided to leave YG Entertainment during her group’s ridiculously long, two-year hiatus.

Since YG singers, producers, song writers, etc. work under the strict restrictions of their “company” – which is run by brothers Yang Hyun-suk and Yang Min-suk (both of whom I’ll refer to as the “company” throughout this post) – they seldom see their ideas and dreams realized.

That’s why Minzy left YG, and why CL has either left the company or is most likely leaving the company soon. 2NE1’s members didn’t just suffer from their final group hiatus; they became tired of wishing for group and solo activities to happen (since everything from song and TV appearances have to be checked and approved by their bosses), and annoyed by the lack of support from their company whenever they were criticized (about their appearance, skills, behaviors, and thoughts).

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Quick Thoughts on Solopreneurship

Solopreneurship is possible, but extremely difficult. In fact, there are just so many negative outcomes and aspects of solopreneurship.

1.) Zero Synergy

Synergy is essential to produce the best results in a given time frame and available resources.

And, of course, you can’t have synergy without team work.

Teammates who understand your vision for your business can offer some insight, evaluate your ideas (as if they were your target audience or customers), and help you accomplish tasks with skills that you either don’t have or are lacking in.

Having close or solid relationships with people you’re working with will produce much better results than contracting a freelancer who you don’t know much about aside from reading their resume or online profiles. Moreover, if you want someone you’re close to to help you out with something, you can offer service in return instead of money, he can return the favor with better service, and the cycle of giving and receiving goes on.

2.) Connections and References

The odds of getting connections and references as a one-man team are slim.

Yeah, you can go to networking events, but you’ll feel a loner.

Even worse: it’s pretty bad to just present yourself to other people you’re trying to network with.

If you go to a networking event with a team and have a teammate talk about you, then it makes your profile much more credible to other people because you weren’t “bragging” or just making up information about yourself.

3.) Longer Hours

Solopreneurs usually focus on strengthening one skill while trying to multitask. The problem with that is it’s draining. And inefficient.

A solopreneur who contracts people to work for him isn’t really going to save much time for himself because he has to get to know these strangers he’s hiring, make sure they understand his vision, etc. etc.

4.) Loneliness

Okay, not all solopreneurs will feel totally lonely or have depression because of it. But there’s no denying that they’re sacrificing so much time and energy that could’ve been better well-spent. They spend everyday and every weekend building their businesses, and sometimes they will feel that sense of loneliness.

5.) Narcissism

Just like the previous point, not all solopreneurs will become narcissists. But they may present narcissist traits to make themselves feel better when either no one else can or when they interact with people.

6.) Failures

Few entrepreneurs become successful, and a tiny portion of them are solopreneurs.

People who choose the solopreneur route and choose to stick with it are eventually doomed to failure.

Yes, there are some entrepreneurs who started off solo. Yes, started. But a great majority of them who became mega-successful didn’t continue to be solopreneurs. Products and services that are either in high-demand or have the potential to become high-demand eventually need team work to popularize them outside their local neighborhood and into a national or global market.

Think you got a million dollar idea? You can either test the idea out yourself (with your own pocket money, time, and energy), or you can get feedback from teammates who can foresee potential failures before you walk into tar.

If you’re thinking of pursuing the solopreneur route, then please make sure that your idea is, indeed, worth a million dollars (or somewhere along that ballpark). Otherwise, you’ll end up swimming in debt, wondering what you could’ve done when you should’ve relied on an expert who you could’ve partnered up with.