I don’t like cosplaying as a hobby.

While I was preparing for my Japanese studies as an incoming middle schooler, … I discovered cosplaying and a plethora of other Japanese stuff like anime, manga, gyaru (girl) style, visual kei style, …………

Anime and manga fans who cosplay – dress up as their favorite characters – were such “eye-candies” to me as a kid. The homemade or “professionally-made” costumes they wore were much more colorful, detailed, and unique compared to the Halloween costumes you’d see at your local party stores.

But soon after discovering the hobby, I realized that cosplaying is far from glamorous.

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Re: Abolish ICE? Please don’t.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency was established 15 years ago in response to the 9/11 attacks.

People want to abolish ICE because of Trump’s immigration policies.

Before the U.S. had a Department of Homeland Security (DHS), immigration was managed by the Department of Commerce first, and then the Department of Labor next.

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Black Woman Arrested For Climbing the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day

I can understand why police officers arrested her.

A lot of people visit Ellis Island, and I believe that you have to purchase expensive tickets to access the crown.

…And I do know that the original torch of the statue was removed because of a bombing attack.

Image result for statue of liberty
…How in the world did she get on the Statue of Liberty?

(The first half of this blog post will be about my reaction to this article, while the second-half will focus on my reaction to another article about the same incident.)

(Right now, I’m assuming that a lot of people are defending that woman’s actions like the author of that article.)

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