Rosé’s voice sounds like it’s getting progressively worse.

I was surprised to hear BLACKPINK’s Rosé sing “Eyes, Nose, Lips” by BIGBANG’s TaeYang, her label-mate… because of how unstable and off-tune her voice sounded.

I’m no singer, so all of my opinions are just based off of what my ears perceive.

The song doesn’t seem too difficult to sing, but it does require a bit of vocal range and skill in shifting between high and low notes.

Rosé not only sounds like she has a limited vocal range, but she also sounds like she’s really struggling to shift between notes without “wailing”.

In many ways, her vocal technique reminds me of 2NE1’s Bom Park because they both sound “nasally”. I guess whoever their vocal coaches are must really want them to sacrifice healthy vocal techniques for “unusually unique-sounding voices”. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if they shared the same vocal coaches.

As I said before, I’m no singer. So I have no idea if their singing techniques are really hurting their voices or just limit their vocal range.

Many may argue that Rosé’s voice is perfectly fine. Yeah, she sounds fine in BLACKPINK’s studio recordings, no doubt.

But that’s because BLACKPINK’s songs are customized to fit the overall group’s vocal range and to sound balanced. In reality, none of the members are hitting extremely high or low notes.

If Rosé continues to mostly sing BLACKPINK songs, then she probably wouldn’t damage her voice too much since they were, after all, tailored to suit her vocal range. However, should she constantly challenge herself to sing other songs that require a wider vocal range and are not suited for the vocal technique YG vocal coaches taught her, then she’ll probably struggle to belt out and hold even the simplest notes like Bom Park.

If I worked at YG, I’d hire Jisoo’s vocal coach to train the whole BLACKPINK group. Because at this rate, it seems like BLACKPINK’s concepts will become more sophisticated while the group will suffer from worsening vocals.

Time has already proven how reshaping the vocals of Bom Park, the main vocalist of 2NE1, has, in a way, made her group mates’ voices stand out more than hers.

Is YG purposefully ruining Rosé’s voice so that her group mate, Jennie, can stand out more than her?

Rosé is most likely a victim of discrimination just like her other group mates, Lisa and Jisoo, simply because YG loves Jennie.

There’s no point in arguing against that fact. Jennie gets the most verses, most screen-time, most expensive outfits, … and most advertising.

When it comes time to choosing who’d have solo activities, there’s no doubt that YG will let Jennie be the first, and probably the only, member of BLACKPINK to have solo activities. And at that point, Rosé’s voice will sound so unstable and off-tune that I wouldn’t be surprised if the YG producers will cite those things as reasons why she’s not ready or fit to have solo activities yet.

If Rosé wants to have a long-lasting career as a K-Pop singer, then I don’t think she should continue to work under YG’s toxic management.

She really needs a vocal coach who cares about her beautiful voice. I know how beautiful her voice can sound from her feature in G-Dragon’s song “Without You”. She has so much more potential than just sticking to a small vocal range in the pop industry. And she can still pursue a career in pop music without straining her voice with an unusual vocal technique just to “sound unique”.

I truly believe that Rosé has the potential to sing ballad songs. Maybe she can sound empowering like Ailee, or chill like Lim Kim. And I can definitely see her singing songs for K-dramas where she has lead roles.

If she’s happy with BLACKPINK and doesn’t believe that there are any better opportunities in store for her at the moment, then I just hope that she improves her voice before it’s too late (BLACKPINK disbands when her voice is at its worst condition).

Author: m.c.

She's fond of our world.

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