“Singularity” by V (Quick Review)

I’m gonna write a quick review because I have to get back to my schoolwork. LOL.

I was surprised to hear a song like this for BTS’ comeback teaser trailer because it’s not an ear-worm like their other more popular songs.

I heard the song when it came out on YouTube a week ago, and have sometimes been listening to it since then.

I heard from someone that “Singularity” is the intro track in BTS’ new album “Love Yourself: Tear”.

From watching the “Singularity” music video and the title of the upcoming album, I get this ominous feeling. Perhaps BTS’ album will focus more on heartbreak and strange love? (Also, their lead single is titled “Fake Love”. It was confirmed on Twitter.)

Two of BTS’ most popular love songs “DNA” and “Blood, Sweat & Tears” focus on destiny and lust, respectively. I couldn’t tell from listening to the songs; I had to look up the lyrics and rely on Google Translate while watching their MVs.

When I first listened to “Singularity” without any subtitles, I felt pretty relaxed. The jazzy tune doesn’t have a swing-feeling to it. I guess the best way I can describe the sound is “drowning”. At the beginning of the music video, I thought it was creative of V to “play with himself” with a jacket on a coat hanger. I didn’t understand why that was incorporated into the choreography until I read the lyrics.

The song mentions him throwing himself into a lake. I really don’t understand the lyrics. He threw himself into the lake, and then ran back to the lake to see himself in it. Maybe it’s a suicidal song? Maybe it’s about not loving himself?

Overall, “Singularity” is an okay song. It’s not as great as J-Hope’s song “Daydream”. Its music video seems to have more appealing content than the actual song itself.


Author: m.c.

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