Does True Altruism / Unconditional Love Exist?

“Does true altruism / unconditional love exist?” Some scientists argue that they don’t exist because people expect rewards from their acts of kindness. …If that’s the case, then everyone who has sacrificed their time, energy, and lives practiced love out of selfishness rather than for the sake of others’ well-being? Love is not imaginary, and so is egocentrism. /// I agree with those scientists about how people are inherently self-centered. In this self(ie)-centered culture, we need to remind ourselves that other people’s happiness are more important than our own… and act with compassion. /// There are people throughout history and in our lives today that give unconditional love. Denying that is just downright disrespectful and is perpetuating egocentrism. 😧


Author: m.c.

She's fond of our world.

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