Twerking With No Ass

I don’t understand what’s the point of girls trying to twerk when they don’t have any ass fat.

The HelloVenus members have good bodies. No lie.

But I really don’t see what’s so sexy about them twerking when their ass cheeks are tight, and their shorts jiggle instead of their ass fats.

Now, if you thought that video was cringeworthy, wait until you see this:

Yes, they have a song called “Wiggle Wiggle”. Don’t confuse it with Jason Derulo’s song.

It’s funny how they have a twerking song.

Their performance was okay. They did a good job moving their bums in circles. But again, there’s no jiggle where it needs to be.

As much as I want to keep on dissing HelloVenus, there are other K-pop singers who also fail at shaking their derriere. (In particular, HyunA.)

C’mon, all she did was bounce her legs, not her rump.

This (non-Korean) singer twerked before Nicki Minaj got a huge butt and twerked in her Anaconda music video: Fergie.

She deserves recognition for her 2005 twerking skills. She twerked in a knee-length skirt, for Pete’s sake!

Now, besides “My Humps”, know what else is a good twerk song? (Sorry, this is a bit off-topic. But it’s worth the mention.)

Jimin from AOA doesn’t try to twerk. She just focuses on what she’s good at: singing/rapping.

I don’t know where the image of that video’s thumbnail is from, but from the looks of it, Jimin seems like she has a bee-hind worth shaking.

This is the only reason I can think of for why these K-pop singers and dancers have petite butts:


Author: m.c.

She's fond of our world.

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