I don’t understand why this style is so popular.


Even after reading the Know Your Meme page on “Aesthetic”, I… still can’t grasp what people love about the style’s neon/pastel colors, simplicity, and, most of all, unoriginality.

Maybe that’s it! The style is so unoriginal that people who like the retro, Japanese, elevator-music, and all-things similar can easily like it.

I know this post doesn’t really make any sense. I honestly don’t know how to express my dislike for the aesthetic.

It’s so hard for me to describe my dislike for it because… the aesthetic is a broad group of all things bland on the internet.

The music below should describe how distasteful and plain the aesthetic culture is.

I hope everything that I’ve said makes some sense.


Author: m.c.

She's fond of our world.

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