I Hate Lotion

I hardly wear lotion, even though I’m supposed to.

Yeah, my skin is pretty rough because I’m always exposed to dry weather.

My skin really does feel better after I apply lotion.

But still… I hate that slimey feeling of lotion.

You probably won’t believe me… but I love wearing body oil.

I remember how some college guys would touch my arms and look at me funny. They suspected that I was wearing lotion when I was wearing body oil. I just kept my mouth shut because… I honestly thought that they would have strange fantasies if I admitted to wearing body oil.


Wearing body oil makes me feel like Cleopatra. I don’t know why. I don’t even know if she wore body oil herself.

Body oil absorbs into my skin so much better than lotion, in my opinion. Plus, since it dries up so much faster, I don’t have to worry about feeling slimey throughout the day.

Maybe whenever I apply lotion, I put too much of it? Hmmm…

Anyways, I heard that body gel is also good on the skin. I might give it a try because I love how oil feels light on the skin, and I figure that body gel is another product that feels lighter than lotion.

Body Shop, your products smell good. And sometimes you offer great deals. But I wish I didn’t buy too many of your products when I was studying in California because I had to force myself to use them. *cries internally*



Author: m.c.

She's fond of our world.

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