Review of CL’s “Lifted”

As a BlackJack (2NE1 fan), I know that former 2NE1 member CL is no stranger to experimental music. In fact, I adore her for pioneering K-pop culture by creatively infusing all sorts of different styles and genres, and, in effect, efficaciously marketing it toa diverse global audience.

When I first heard her song “Lifted” (before the music video came out), I immediately thought of two 2NE1 songs that include reggae in them: “Come Back Home” and “Falling In Love”.

These three songs not only amplify the diversity in K-pop culture, but it also further breaks down cultural, language, and geographical borders.

However, “Lifted” is a much more successful song than “Falling In Love” and “Come Back Home” in that it epitomizes the K-pop culture as something that is not strictly Korean.

I’m impressed by how the song is clearly sung in English. As a native English speaker in America and someone who has been listening to foreign music for a long time, I find it difficult to understand songs when the singer(s) speak English either with strange pronounciations and/or grammatical mistakes.

Hearing CL speak English makes it so much easier for me to connect with her and Koreans in general, as well as allow her to connect with people who enjoy listening to English songs (especially those who do not even understand English).

I also love how the music video takes place in New York City. The choice of setting proves to the world and the whole music industry that K-pop is like a chameleon in that it can adopt whatever new characteristics it comes across by anywhere while retaining its original Korean character.


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