5 Things That Make “Doctor Strange” Seem Too Familiar



I was so hyped about this movie because I thought that it was going to be another spectacular stand-alone movie like “Ant Man” – my favorite Marvel movie of all time because the protagonist was by far the most human, most likeable, and the easiest to understand Marvel character to me. However, the movie remotely met my expectations for a character movie, let alone a Marvel movie. There are just so many things about it that make it too strange and familiar.



1.) The anthromorphic cape

Doctor Strange’s cape reminded me so much of Aladdin’s carpet.

I’m unsure of why that cape has a mind of its own. Is someone’s spirit in that cape? Does the cape somehow enhance Doctor Strange’s enchantments?



2.) Eidetic memory

Doctor Strange is an amazing doctor and sorcerer because he can memorize procedures? Wow… okay.



3.) Time Doctors

We all know why Benedict Cumberbatch got the role of Doctor Strange: it’s because he had a lot of experience being a Time Lord in “Doctor Who.”



4.) Inception

None of the characters are stuck in a dream world, but it certainly seems that way.



5.) Wristwatches

Doctor Strange replaced his most-treasured wristwatch for the Eye of Agamotto, which creates a glowing “wristwatch” around his arms and allows him to either fast-forward or rewind time.

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen a hero wear a wristwatch (*ahem* Ben 10).



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