The Truth Behind “The Exorcist”

A young boy who’s known by his pseudonym Roland Doe grew up as an only child to devout Christian parents. He was close to a spiritualist aunt, and learned about the spirit world and theĀ Ouija Board.


After his aunt died, Roland Doe attempted to contact her via the Ouija Board.

His parents noticed these strange things happening at home:

  • scratches on the boy’s body
  • sounds of marching feet
  • moving furniture
  • blessed objects that smashed to the ground on their own
  • vibrating religious pictures
  • flying objects

His classmates also noticed strange things such as how his desk can move on its own.

Fearful of poltergeist activity, Roland Doe’s parents had his body examined by medical and psychiatric professionals.

After tirelessly searching for answers and help, they decided to ask their pastor if Roland Doe can spend the night with him.


ThatĀ minister heard vibrations from Roland Doe’s bed, heard scratching noises from the walls, and saw am armchair topple over. Then, he decided to perform an exorcism on the boy. The ritual was unsuccessful.

So, the priest referred the boy to another priest. During the exorcism, the boy cut the priest so deeply that the cut required stitches and the exorcism halted.

Roland Doe went back home, and his family saw the words “Saint Louis” across his chest in blood. Then, they ftraveled to St. Louis and found Rev. William S. Bowdern and Walter Halloran.

In the course of two months, Bowdern performed exorcism thirty times. Roland Doe spat on the reverand’s eyes, spoke in an unusual voice, and broke Halloran’s nose. His bed shook violently, and the words “evil” and “hell” appeared on his body. Eventually, the exorcism worked.


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