The Pros and Cons of Apple’s Wireless Charger

Apple might make a wireless charger for the upcoming iPhone 7 Pro.

So, if you’re thinking of getting the newest iPhone model, consider the pros and cons of having a wireless charger.


Here’s a list of its pros:

1. It’s gonna be another stylish Apple “accessory”.


2. It’s gonna be¬†tangle-free.


3. It won’t be prone to¬†any wear and tears.


4. You’ll have a lower risk of electrical shocks.




Here’s a list of its cons:

1. It might charge the iPhone slower than a wired charger.


2. Since it’ll be¬†costly to manufacture them, buying them separately¬†will¬†also be costly.


3. You can’t move the iPhone away from the charger.


4. It may not be completely wireless like the Samsung “wireless” charger.



Lastly, here’s a concept video of the wireless charger:


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