Immune To Scary Movies


Two days ago, I met and hung out with my college roommate for the first time. We decided to watch the movie¬†Lights Out. (Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers in this blog post.)


The movie theatre was nearly empty; the seats were only filled by two couples, my roommate and I.

So we sat there quietly watching the movie. My roommate toyed with her phone occassionally while I stared intently at the screen. Whenever a jump-scare came up, we would chuckle a little.

Lights Out¬†doesn’t¬†seem special to us since it had the “typical elements” of a horror movie – a “hot” blonde chick, a “hot” dude, detective work, dark environments, eerie¬†sounds,…

The only two things that make¬†Lights Out stand out¬†to me are¬†its animation and¬†CGI effects. (The last horror movie I saw was¬†The Exorcist, which is a 1973¬†classic¬†horror¬†film that¬†didn’t rely on computers¬†for its special effects.)


Even though the movie wasn’t all that great, it was exhilarating to watch it after who knows how long ago since I’ve last seen¬†The Exorcist. (No, I didn’t watch that movie in the 70’s. Haha.)

Watching that movie also got me thinking about why scary movies aren’t really scary. It’s not just their¬†repetitive elements that makes them unscary, but their fantasy elements and dragging story.

Yeah, it’s even more difficult to make a realistic horror film. And honestly, I think that the more¬†realism a movie with scary elements has,¬†the more likely it’ll be categorized as¬†action and adventure.

Batman: The Dark Knight may have dark, scary elements, but it’s labeled as an action, adventure, crime, superhero and thriller film.

I find that I actually jump when jump-scares pop up in action and adventure movies. I also find that the more realistic and scary the movie is, the more I feel amused by how things in life can be scary. For instance, the movie Taken gets my heart pumping even though there are no paranormal activities in it like Lights Out.

Taken is an action and thriller film.

Everytime I feel more and more adrenaline run through my body from watching thrillers, I also feel like my immunity towards scary movies is getting stronger and stronger.

I won’t stop watching horror movies, even though my enthusiasm for them will most likely dive down low.

Maybe I’ll watch another scary movie in the next 20 years or so when my heart becomes weaker.


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