The Joker’s Story Continues

I left the movie theatre liking the fact that the Joker didn’t get a lot of screentime.

At the time, I felt so uncomfortable with his gangster look.

But suddenly, I realized: He is a gangster. The Joker shouldn’t stick to his classic suit-and-tie look; he should¬†be free to¬†wear whatever’ll show his deranged, manipulative, devious, sadistic character.

Heath Ledger playing as¬†the Joker and wearing a nurse outfit in “Batman: The Dark Knight”

Even though I was growing to like the Suicide Squad joker more and more after watching the movie, I was still glad that the Suicide Squad members got more screentime than him.

Then, lo and behold, I find this music video:

I fell to my knees, crying tears of joy. The Joker not only got more screentime, but he became a main character.

I hope more music videos with Suicide Squad characters get released. It would be even cooler if the story within those music videos are linked to the movie.


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