“Suicide Squad 2” Expectations: Raven and Trigon

Amanda Waller was definitely preparing for the worst when she formed the squad: if and when heroes become villains.

I wasn’t satisfied with the Enchantress as the main villian in Suicide Squad because I was hoping that the squad would actually fight a hero-gone-bad. Plus, she didn’t seem as intimidating and evil as Raven.

If Raven does show up in Suicide Squad 2, it would also be cool to see Trigon – her demon father – try to take over the world and turn Raven evil.

Trigon grasping Raven

I don’t care if there are Marvel fans who’ll think that Trigon “is the Thanos of DC”, because unlike Thanos, Trigon doesn’t need any power-enhancers when he already has the power to reign darkness over the world.

Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet

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