“Suicide Squad 2” Expectations: Red Hood

Of all the Robins to choose from, Red Hood (a.k.a. Jason Todd) is the one I really want to see in the Suicide Squad sequel.

Jason Todd as Red Hood

No, he’s not “the Deadpool of DC”.

Jason Todd became Batman’s second Robin after the first Robin, Dick Grayson, became Nightwing.

Jason Todd as Robin

The initial version of Jason Todd had an origin similar to Dick Grayson’s origin: like Dick, he was adopted by Bruce Wayne after his acrobat parents were killed by Killer Croc. He fights alongside Batman with his original circus outfit and red hair until Dick gives him a Robin costume and he yes his hair black.

Jason’s other origin story involves him being a young street orphan who first encounters Batman while attempting to steal the tires of the Batmobile. He then earned the role of Robin after helping Batman fight some thieves. He didn’t have acrobatic skills, but he became a smart and vengeful crime-fighter.

Since Jason wasn’t originally well-received by fans, DC decided to hold a telephone poll to determine whether or not the character should die. It was decided that he’d die by a vote of 5343-5271.

So, Jason dies in the hands of the Joker; he was beaten brutally with a crowbar and left in a warehouse with his mother and a time bomb.


After Batman discovers Jason and his mother’s body, he buries them, keeps the Robin costume, and considers Jason’s death his greatest failure.


Many years later, in an attempt to rescue the third Robin (Tim Drake), Batman finds out that the kidnapper is Clayface impersonating as Jason Todd.

Jason did die in the hands of the Joker, but he is eventually comes back to life and recovers at the Lazarus Pit – a place known for saving the lives of those near death.

After meeting Talia al Ghul, Jason goes on to believe that his death was never avenged. He then meets Batman only to be disappointed by the fact that Batman has no remose for sparing the Joker’s life. His anger leads him to assume the identity of Red Hood.

In some comics, Jason assumes the identity of Red Robin. I’m not sure when and why, but here’s his other costume:


It would be interesting to see the Joker, Harley Quinn and Jason Todd form a villain family, much like the family in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker:

screen shot 2015-08-18 at 10.43.14 am
The third Robin, Tim Drake, as Joker’s adopted child in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

It would also be interesting if the Suicide Squad Joker is actually Jason Todd.


Now that would be one hell of an interesting origin story for the Joker.

Any story is possible in Suicide Squad, since it’s set in the DCEU.



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