Pistol Emoji To Be Replaced By A Squirt Gun Emoji In Apple Devices

How cute. The right to bear arms is given to American citizens by the U.S. Constitution, yet we’re not allowed to use guns in our text messages.

This fall, the pistol emoji will be replaced by a squirt gun emoji in apple devices.

In July 2015, a group known as the New Yorkers Against Gun Violence published an open letter asking Apple to “disarm the iPhone” by getting rid of the gun emoji. It’s not clear as to whether the emoji change is a response to the letter.

Emojis are made by Unicode Consortium, not Apple. Unicode Consortium enables people to communicate with each other on any device in any language. Platforms like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Samsung decide how characters will appear on their devices.

This emoji change is due to how Apple wants to reinterpret the pistol emoji to be “read” on their devices.

Apple isn’t the only company to change how users view the gun emoji; Microsoft changed the gun emoji to look like a ray gun on Windows 10 devices.

According to Emojipedia, the gun emoji will still look like a gun on other devices.

What the gun emoji looks like on some smartphone devices

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