Just for the Fun

“Why are you playing Pokemon Go?” I asked my 7-year-old cousin.

“Because it’s fun,” he replied.

“Do you like the characters?”


“Have you watched the show Pokemon before?”


“So what do you like about those characters?”

“… I don’t know, I just like collecting them.”

Pokemon Go is a popular free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game

I know some people who jumped into the Pokemon Go craze and aren’t even Pokemon fans. I asked them the same questions I asked my cousin, and their responses were pretty much the same.

I don’t understand why¬†Pokemon Go players¬†strive to collect as much Pokemons as they can when there’s an unlimited number of Pokemon. And to top it off, some of those¬†players know little to nothing about the character and the show.

So why do people play Pokemon Go? Well, there’s the craze. But even more influential than that, one of the things that started the craze in the first place, is that people just wanna have fun.

Personally, I’m one of those gamers that easily gets bored of¬†games that don’t capture my heart. So, I try to choose games where there’s a story to follow and the story is clear enough to understand. I remember playing¬†Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and I couldn’t put down the controller because I fell in love with Nathan Drake.

I can’t imagine myself playing games with lifeless characters for days, weeks, months, years… kinda similar to the extreme extent of Pokemon Go players.

But who am I to judge? There are players that enjoy games just because of it’s looks – the design of the character’s appearance, the graphics, the player controls, etc.

The¬†Super Smash Bros. games are known for its cast of recognizable and unfamiliar characters. Some players play the game¬†knowing the characters, while others don’t know any of the characters and just enjoy battling.

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