On Film Criticism

Shortly after Suicide Squad‘s New York premiere on August 1, 2016 and before its theatrical release on August 5, fans became¬†disgusted¬†by the extremely low rating and bad reviews of the movie posted on one of the most¬†infamous movie review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Click here to view the full Rotten Tomatoes review of Suicide Squad

There are two systems of rating: the Tomatometer and the Audience Score. The rating on the Tomatometer is determined by a selected group of reviewers:


Click here to view the full Tomatometer critera

Below those two ratings are the Critic Reviews, Audience Reviews, and the Discussion Forum in that order. (Not as displayed in the tiled pictures below.)

Because of the organization and design layout of the reviews on the site, site viewers are more likely to see the negative reviews of Suicide Squad.

Knowing that there are movie watchers who rely on film criticism to decide on which movie is worth watching, Change.org user Abdullah Coldwater created an online petition on August 2 for Suicide Squad fans to sign.

Within the first hour of the petition’s posting, the petition got 100 supporters. By the end of the first day, it received 2,500 supporters.

In response to reaching more than 5,000 supporters, Abdullah Coldwater updated the supporters by clarifying the purpose of the petition:


Although his message is clear, he didn’t post the message early enough. By then, the news media started talking¬†about how Suicide Squad fans are petitioning¬†to have Rotten Tomatoes shut down – an intention different from Abdullah’s.

On that same day, Abdullah posted what he thought would be his final update:


Yet, shortly afterwords, he posted a “Victory!” update. Then, he posted an update on the petition’s new aim two days afterwards. Since this blog’s posting, the petition has reached over 21,000 supporters.


If the critics selected by Rotten Tomatoes didn’t post such negative ratings and reviews of the Suicide Squad movie, then Abdullah probably wouldn’t have created the petition in the first place.

It’s difficult to decide on whether or not to watch a movie. Trailers are¬†sometimes deceiving, and¬†there’s a price to pay for viewing the movie. That’s why movie review sites are becoming increasingly popular among movie watchers – to help them make that “big decision”.

Hopefully, while Abdullah’s petition remains up, people will not only see how there are movie watchers who are influenced by the¬†ratings and reviews of film critics, but¬†that there are movie watchers who choose to listen to the opinions of other movie watchers before forming an opinion of their own after watching a movie themselves.

There’s no use in hoping for¬†change in how movie watchers make their decisions and express their opinions, because people will be people.


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