“Suicide Squad” Review

I was so excited to see this movie with my cousin two days ago. Since I’ve only seen the trailer once with my brother around the time the movie was announced and I didn’t looked up any spoiler information beforehand, I walked into the movie theatre with only my general DC comic knowledge. To my surprise, the movie was ok – not as great as I hoped, but not bad either. I never expected a DC movie like this. And frankly, I’m glad that this movie was made instead of the highly-anticipated Justice League movie.
WARNING: Spoilers included in this review.

Vibrant and Dull

I love how the movie mixes bland and neon colors! They “add some more life” to the dark, strange, and broody DCU.


However, there are scenes where the neon colors just vanished, which “takes away the life” of the characters and makes the scenes too boring to watch. For instance, the debriefing scene:


Rockin’ Music

Love the movie’s music selection. It’s a good thing the movie didn’t use orchestrated music like “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers”, because I’ve heard too much of that.

Here’s a playlist of the OST.

A Working Team

When I saw the trailer, I had three questions in mind:

“How would such a team do the dirty work of the good guys?”

Before I saw the movie, I was able to answer that question with the obvious: a.) the squad will get a “kill or be killed” mission, and/or b.) each villain will want to complete the mission just to go back to acting in their own self-interests.

“To what extent can the villians be controlled?”


“Do the bad guys eventually become good guys?”

Thank goodness both questions were answered beautifully in the movie, from the moment Enchantress fearlessly regaining her heart to the moment Harley Quinn escaped with the Joker. (There was one thing about the squad that puzzled me though: I don’t know if they were drugged with something that helped Amanda Waller control their minds.)

From “Not-So-Familiar” To Familiar

I like how the squad is formed up of “not-so-familiar” characters, much like The Guardians of the Galaxy. Don’t get me wrong; I only know who Harley Quinn is and I’ve heard a little about Deadshot, but people who don’t really know the DCU may not know any of the characters in the squad. For instance, my dad watched some episodes of the “Batman” 1966 TV-show with Adam West and the “Batman” movies with Christopher Nolan, so he can only identify Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and the Joker.

Some Characters Should Get the Spotlight

I’ve never heard of Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, El Diablo, Katana, and Enchantress before I saw the movie.

I’m glad that I found a new DC character to love – Deadshot. But that’s because of how the origin story was explained and the amount of screen time he got.

I wish I learned more about the other characters. Maybe they’re good DC characters, or maybe they’re just “spot-fillers” for the Suicide Squad. I hope it’s not the latter.

The Joker

The Joke’s On No One

Much to my disappointment, the Joker didn’t seem insane enough. If only he had “the laugh”.

Unexplained Villain Origin Story

Thank goodness his origin story isn’t explained in the movie, because all I care about are his dirty humor and insanity.

Minor Character

I’m so glad that he didn’t steal the spotlight from the other villains, nor did he become the targeted villain. He’s already a well-known villain, so it’s time that the audience get more familiar with Batman’s other enemies.

Character Design

I don’t like his grilled teeth and tattoos. But, I do like his neon green hair, how I can see more of his skin, and how the pale color of his face runs down to his body. They’re creative ways of showing how “sick” the Joker is.

His design in the movie is definitely a huge breakaway from the iconical, classic suit-and-tie design, which I don’t know how to feel about it. Maybe if the Joker acted crazier, then his character design would seem much more impressive.

Harley Quinn

Her Voice Doesn’t Sound Right

I can tell Margot Robbie (who played as the character in the movie) tried to mimick the character’s voice in the style of Hynden Walch and Tara Strong.

Her take on the character’s voice was okay, but it wasn’t good enough to capture the character’s fun, crazy, and menacing nature.

Cool Style

The pink and blue ponytails are really cute! Plus, I dig how Harley Quinn and the Joker compliment each other with their RGB colors. Other than those things, I don’t know how to feel about her sexy look.

Her tip-dyed ponytails remind me of her character design from the game “Batman: Arkham City”, while her colorful and sexy look reminded me of Juliet Starling from the game “Lollipop Chainsaw”.

A Different Origin Story and Chemistry with the Joker

The movie explained explained her origin story much like the “Batman: The Animated Series” did. The only difference is that in the movie, the Joker made her like him.

I didn’t like that “small” change in her origin story. It would’ve been better if she naturally became the jester she is and fell in love with the Joker.

Amanda Waller

She’s Not “the Nick Fury of DC”

She’s serious. Smart. A woman. A boss who can do dirty work without getting her hands dirty.

Pulling-Off the Professional Look

She’s not wearing anything too fancy, which is great. I wish I could wear her professional outfits to work.

The Flash

Origin Story and the Identity of the Flash

I’ve never seen the “Flash” TV show, so I don’t know if the Flash in the movie is the same as the one from the show. Also, I have no clue as to who’s behind the Flash mask.

Armor Suit

It looks cool, but I don’t get why he has to wear a suit like that.



One of His Secret Identities

Another movie that showcases another one of Bruce Wayne’s secret identities: playboy.

I’m so glad the Harley Quinn – Batman kiss scene made it onto the big-screen. The ship sails!

Harley Quinn – Batman kiss scene from “Batman: The Animated Series”

Character Design

Eh, nothing special. It would’ve been cooler if Batman wore a blue-toned suit to match with the villain’s colorful appearances, but maybe that could’ve diverted the audience’s attention away from the villains. Oh well, at least Batman isn’t wearing something as bad or much worse than the nipple-suit.


Too Much Of Her Character Background Was Explained

I’ve never heard of this character until I saw the movie.

It feels like I learned a lot more about her than any of the other characters in the movie. Her background was not only explained in the movie’s intro, but it was also explained some more during her conversations between her and her brother.

But then again, she’s the main villain of the movie and the audience has to have some idea of her motivation.

… So, who are the other characters?

Strange CGI Effects and Character Design

She didn’t seem to fit in the environment. Her CGI effects made me think that she belonged in a Playstation game.


June Moone

It seems that June has this strange attachment to Enchantress. I wonder if that’s one of the side effects of being the Enchantress’ host.


He’s Human

He’s my favorite out of all the villains in the movie because he’s human.

In fact, I think he’s the only character that’s human because the audience sees him without his villain suit and as a loving father.

The other characters, on the other hand, are just characters. There’s no emotional and background connection between them and the audience.

Deadshot without his costume and looking down at his daughter

Black and Red

His suit reminds me of Deadpool and Antman. Gee, I wonder why…

Killer Croc

Familiar Look, and Nothing Else Special About Him

He looks so similar to “The Thing” that it feels weird not knowing who he is and hearing a hearing no  dialogue from him.

Captain Boomerang

I Barely Noticed the Guy

He had little to no screen time and dialogue. Moreover, there’s nothing special about his character design. He pretty much blended in with the dull environment.



Who the Hell Is This Bad-Ass Chick?

Is she an official member of the Suicide Squad, or is she just helping them?

What’s her origin story?

Can she be my wife?


Will I rewatch this movie? No.

Will I watch the sequel? Perhaps.

I don’t know what to expect from the sequel, but I sure hope that the Suicide Squad will fight alongside the Justice League, or at least one of the League’s members.


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