Too Many Messenger Apps, Google!

All we need is one messenger app, Google. And we certainly don’t want to download too many apps on our cellphones.

On top of Messenger and Hangouts, Google introduced two new messenger apps: Allo and Duo, both of which support text messaging and video calls. The only feature that makes Allo and Duo unique from Messenger and Hangouts is their smart bot.

Google defended their stance on developing multiple messenger apps by saying that consumers use apps for different purposes. For instance, users may choose between Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Duo depending on which group of people they want to talk to and their preferred way of social interaction.

Google may have a point, but if you look at the Facebook Messenger and Skype apps, they offer video-calling, phone, texting, and picture-sharing features.

Nowadays when people love multi-purpose technology, Google’s single-purpose apps won’t compete effectively against other messaging apps. Eventually, at least one (if not all four) of Google’s messenger apps will be discontinued.

For now, it would be wise for Google to focus on promoting and enhancing the features of their original messenger app, Hangouts. That app is notably one of Google’s not-so-popular apps, since it isn’t mobile-friendly, is laggy, and isn’t well-associated with Google+.




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