The ‘L’ Word

I’m amazed by how families, couples, and friends exist in this selfish world. Love for another human being is rare because it is usually lost in the process of becoming mature and independent.male-and-female-mannequin-abstract-head-proportion-london-ViME-270-394

Yes, we’ve heard about love in fairy tales: Once upon a time, two people have a budding love for each other. Then somehow, in a matter of few pages, their love blossoms.

And yes, we know how exhausting love is: It requires a “giver” and “receiver” to love themselves; to love each other as much as (if not more than) themselves; to “fight” each other in an endless battle of “equivalent exchange”, even though equivalency is never reached; and to exchange roles.

But does true love exist in this world? Or is it merely a fantasy?

When we were the most honest, vulnerable, and helpless beings, we projected love towards our caretakers and feared of the lonely life. And sadly, we have no recollection of that time of our life.


Now, love is but a lost memory. As soon as we became conscious of ourselves, we re-wired our mature minds to be greedy for attention, and lazy for assuming the role of “giver”.

The most effective cure I can think of to this heart disease is death. And sadly, it’s not effective for everyone.






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