BandPage: The New Myspace

Compared to how musicians promoted themselves during the pre-internet years, today’s musicians can easily find and create more opportunities for self-promotion with tremendous help from social networking sites and with the recent addition of a new platform application called BandPage.

BandPage is similar to Myspace in that it allows musicians to create an account for them to manage their music, bio, tour dates, photos, bio, and videos (TechCrunch). But rather than just updating profiles within the website, it connects to and simultaneously updates musicians’ entire online presence.

“BandPage is dedicated to helping musicians build their careers by growing their fan bases and increasing their revenue on the largest digital music services in the world. By joining forces with the team at YouTube, we can help artists reach their fans in more powerful ways than ever before.”


From 2005 to 2008, Myspace was not only the largest social networking site in the world (Cashmore), but it was a significant influence on pop culture and music. Since then, the number of Myspace users has declined despite the website’s redesigns.


-Myspace’s current logo design

BandPage also experienced a decline in its popularity when Facebook shut down their Page apps, causing their app (which allowed musicians to create a Music tab on their Facebook page) to lose about 90% of its traffic within three months (TechCrunch).

When Facebook banned Page landing tabs in 2012, BandPage lost 90% of its traffic

-BandPage’s former Facebook Page app went from 32 million monthly users to just a few million monthly users

If Myspace wishes to remain faithful to only promoting content within their site, then BandPage’s desire to be versatile across social networks will make the app claim Myspace’s former title as one of the largest sites in the world.

The convergence of musicians’ social networking accounts through this single platform will not only make musicians’ online presence more visible, but it will also achieve everything that Myspace once did and more: encourage fans to be more active and passive; equalize activity across multiple social networking sites for both users and musicians; and help the music industry sell more tickets, products, and services.

Learn more about BandPage on their website.


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